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Below is a list of leagues in 2023.  Our 2023 league schedule will be shared in the Spring.  If you'd like to start a league please contact us at (518) 297-2582.


Monday:           Ladies League                                   2:30pm

Monday:           Men's Scratch League                       4:00pm

Tuesday:          Ladies Association League                8:30am

Tuesday:          Men's League                                    4:00pm

Wednesday:    Altona Corrections                              4:00pm

Thursday:        Quebec Senior League                       8:00am

Thursday:        Couple's Fun Night                             4:30pm

Thursday:        K of C                                                 4:30pm


For info on playing in any of these leagues please contact Andy in the golf shop at (518) 297-2582 or


During all of the leagues, the course is still open to anyone who would like to play play golf. Please simply ask the golf shop which side is available.

​Our tournament services are second to none. We offer professional services and will manage the entire day for you to ensure your event is spectacular. We host over 60 tournaments per season and we feel we are the best! To Book an outing or tournament please call (518) 297-2582.

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