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2023 Tournament/Event Schedule.

If you're interested in hosting a golf tournament, give us a call at (518) 297-2582.




7/3/2023     Monday            Independence Day Shootout                           7am-9am Starting Times

7/5/2023     Wednesday    Ladies Association Interclub                             9:00am 

7/7/2023     Friday                Blood Drive at NCGC                                            10:00am-2:00pm

7/7/2023     Friday                Music Night "She was Right"

7/8/2023     Saturday          North Country Youth Hockey                            12:30pm 

7/16/2023    Sunday             Member/Member                                                 8:00am 

7/22/2023   Saturday         Annual  "Royal Golf Mixer"                                    12:30pm 

7/23/2023   Sunday            Friends of NCCS                                                      12:30pm 

7/28/2023   Friday               Hubble Invitational Outing                                  9:30am

7/29/2023   Saturday         Altona Corrections 40th                                      12:30pm

7/30/2023   Sunday            Knights of Columbus (Rain Date)                     12:30pm



8/4/2023    Friday               Member/Guest Practice Rounds                    Tee Times 

8/5/2023    Saturday         Member/Guest Day 1                                           8:00am 

8/6/2023    Sunday            Member/Guest Day 2                                          8:00am

8/11/2023    Friday               Chamber of Commerce                                    10:00am

8/12/2023   Friday               Plattsburgh Police Local 812                             12:30pm

8/19/2023   Saturday         Club Championship Day 1                                8:00am 

8/20/2023  Sunday            Club Championship Day 2                               8:00am 

8/25/2023  Friday               Sample Lumber Invitational                             12:30pm 

8/26/2023  Saturday         Ron Roberts Junior Tournament                     1:00pm

8/26/2023  Saturday         Music Night with "Music by Dave Miller         5:30pm-8pm

8/27/2023  Sunday            Jane's Fight Fund                                                  12:30pm  



9/4/2023   Monday            Labor Day Shootout                                             7am-9am Starting Times 

9/8/2023   Friday                The Sons of American Legion                           12:30pm

9/8/2023   Friday                Music Night "Bruce, Bill & Bob"                          6pm-9pm

9/9/2023   Saturday          Champlain Fire Dept. Invitational                   12:30pm   

9/16/2023  Saturday          For the Kids Charity Classic                              8:00am 

9/17/2023   Sunday             Lady Eagles Hockey                                             12:30pm

9/23/2023  Saturday         Lacolle Curling Club Tournament                   12:30pm

9/30/2023  Saturday         Fall Foliage Invitational                                       1:00pm 



TBD               Sunday             Champlain Cup                                                    10:00am  

10/14/2023    Saturday          Annual Meeting/Scramble/Closing Party    10:00am/12pm/TBA  


NCGC Tournaments 

Currently we have a capacity of up to 100 players with available carts! Additional carts are available by reservation prior to April 1st at an additional cost. Contact Clubhouse for details on reservation requirements! 

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